Royal Thai Bath

The ultimate spa bath in the privacy of your home


It all starts with a dream.

Needless to say that Thailand is the world’s reference for spa traditions: from the refined plants and herbs used in the products to the expertise in massaging, in aromatherapy and in water-therapy treatments.

We all dreamed of re-living this incredible spa relaxation experience at home.


Royal Thai Bath combines the most prestigious ingredients to re-create the most relaxing bath


An Aromatherapy Bath Milk with essential oil to moisture and soften combined with Natural Thai Orchids that are carefully handpicked and kept in an gold engraved jar with a revolutionary dried freeze process to maintain all the natural benefit of the flower once in the water.


How to use: 3 steps to Heaven:


1-      Run a warm water bath.


2-      Carefully open the jar. Poor the milk into the warm water and stir until it turns white. Powder the flowers.


3-      Leave the flowers 1 to 3 minutes. They will regain their natural texture and softness. Step in the bath and enjoy.

Royal Thai Bath