Pretty Doll


Absolutely A-doll-able.


A splendid perfume inspired by an icon of the ideal doll loveliness: Chompoo Araya

Pretty Doll translates perfectly her friendly and passionate personality to feel absolutely pretty, absolutely adorable.


Pretty Doll takes you to an experience of an oriental-fruity olfactory fantasy. A fusion of luscious fruity top notes of Red Lychee, Golden Quince and Kiwi revive nostalgic moments with a flow of endless joy and innocent youth. After the top notes have dispersed, you discover an incredible sweetness feeling with notes of cupcake, white chocolate combined with the elegancy of floral Jasmine scents. The final accents from Creamy Musk, Sensual Wood and Orris roots bring this aromatic journey to perfection and leave you with an a-doll-able feeling.


The light and soft colored perfume comes in a strikingly designed flacon adorned with a stunning diamond cap. It embodies the genuine perfection of a timeless beauty. The diamond shaped perfume reminds the fragility and aesthetic sense of true modern women.



Red Lychee , Golden Quince, Kiwi, Cupcake, White Chocolate, Jasmine, Creamy Musk, Sensual Wood, Orris Root

Pretty. Romantic. Adorable.

Pretty Doll
Pretty Doll